More Dems in Disarray: Desperate Candidate Calls Pat Toomey an “A******” in Weak Attempt to Make News

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Katie McGinty’s recent comments about Pat Toomey. While at a union event today, Katie McGinty said, “I think I might borrow from Chris’ speech there in terms of Pat Toomey. He’s an a******, dammit. We know that.” “Katie McGinty’s desperation […]

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PA GOP Unveils New Billboards Telling the Truth About Hillary

The above artwork will be displayed on billboards by the Essington Exit on I-95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike by Plymouth Meeting. HARRISBURG – Today, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania unveiled billboards stating that presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton  is unethical, untrustworthy, and unqualified to be President. The ads will be displayed on billboards by the […]

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ICYMI: The Philadelphia Inquirer: Editorial: Philly’s a great place for a party, but its Democrats are a disgrace

… Given its historic resonance, continuing revival, and convenient location in a politically important state, Philadelphia is a fine place for a convention. The city’s chief flaw as a backdrop for the Democrats is, well, the Democrats. In just the past three years, Philadelphia Democrats have seen a congressman, a state senator, five state representatives, […]

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Pat Toomey is a principled leader fighting for fiscal responsibility as well as for ending the overspending, higher taxes, and excessive red tape coming out of Washington.

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Chairman Rob Gleason

Welcome from Chairman Rob Gleason

The 2016 election is critical to the future of our state and country.

Across Pennsylvania, more than 141,000 people have registered Republican since the New Year. That number includes nearly 60,000 Democrats who have decided to reject the party of Hillary Clinton in favor of the Party of Opportunity and Freedom.

We may have hard work ahead of us, but together, we are going to send a Republican President back to the White House, re-elect Senator Pat Toomey, elect John Rafferty as Attorney General, John Brown as Auditor General, Otto Voit as Treasurer, and increase our wonderful majorities in Congress, the State Senate and State House.

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