Shady Katie Tries To Hide Her Past In New Ad

As Tom Wolf’s Chief of Staff, McGinty Supported The Largest Tax Hikes In The Nation HARRISBURG – Today, Katie McGinty released an new advertisement which blatantly ignores her past support for major tax hikes on Pennsylvania’s working families. “Does Katie McGinty think Pennsylvanians will just forget her efforts to raise taxes on diapers, day care […]

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Establishment Democrat Supports Establishment Ticket

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Joe Biden’s campaign stop in Philadelphia. “Once again, establishment Democrats are campaigning for more of the same tired liberal policies in Pennsylvania,” Gleason said. “Hillary Clinton is running to keep the status quo that’s led to fewer jobs, higher taxes, and […]

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Donald Trump Wins First Debate in Convincing Fashion

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the first presidential debate. “Donald Trump scored a decisive victory over Hillary Clinton in this first presidential debate,” Gleason said. “Tonight, voters had a terrific opportunity to compare Hillary Clinton’s big government, special interest agenda with Donald Trump’s vision to create […]

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Pat Toomey is a principled leader fighting for fiscal responsibility as well as for ending the overspending, higher taxes, and excessive red tape coming out of Washington.

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Chairman Rob Gleason

Welcome from Chairman Rob Gleason

The 2016 election is critical to the future of our state and country.

Across Pennsylvania, more than 141,000 people have registered Republican since the New Year. That number includes nearly 60,000 Democrats who have decided to reject the party of Hillary Clinton in favor of the Party of Opportunity and Freedom.

We may have hard work ahead of us, but together, we are going to send a Republican President back to the White House, re-elect Senator Pat Toomey, elect John Rafferty as Attorney General, John Brown as Auditor General, Otto Voit as Treasurer, and increase our wonderful majorities in Congress, the State Senate and State House.

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