PA GOP Continues “Obama-Casey Miserable Madness”

Third region highlights the Obama-Casey agenda’s barrier to job creation.

HARRISBURG, PA – On Monday, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania announced the launch of “Obama-Casey Miserable Madness,” a March Madness-themed bracket containing 16 of the worst policies promoted by President Obama and Senator Casey and the alternatives as promoted by endorsed Republican U.S. Senate candidate Steve Welch. The bracket contains four “regions,” each built around four important themes where the Obama-Casey agenda has done the most harm to our economic recovery and intruded the most on our daily lives.  On Monday, the PA GOP unveiled the first regional bracket, “Failed on Energy,” containing four policies where the Obama-Casey energy agenda has failed Pennsylvanians.  On Wednesday, the PA GOP released the regional bracket, “Failed on Spending.”

Today, the PA GOP launched the third regional bracket, highlighting President Obama and Senator Casey’s failed record on job creation. The “Failed on Jobs” bracket emphasizes the failure of the “card check” legislation, their support for tax hikes on job creators, union bailouts and “Cap and Tax” legislation.

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“Card Check”

President Obama and Senator Casey have both been avid supporters of job-killing card check legislation which would empower their union bosses with the ability to continue holding American jobs hostage.  The bill Casey cosponsored would take away workers’ rights to hold secret-ballot elections when considering the formation of a union, and would make employees vulnerable to arm-twisting intimidation if they didn’t want to support that union’s creation. The bill would likely cost as many as 600,000 jobs.

The Welch Way: Jobs and Spending

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Tax Hikes on Job Creators

Bob Casey and Senate Democrats proposed a 5.6% surtax on job creators and small business owners (a tax hike that President Obama was comfortable with) to pay for more of President Obama’s spending bills.  Tax hikes on job creators stifle job creation and growth.

Instead of curbing massive government spending, President Obama and Bob Casey felt more comfortable asking small businesses to pay for their massive government spending, instead of forcing government to live within its means and promoting a true pro-growth agenda.

The Welch Way: Jobs and Spending

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Union Bailouts

Instead of implementing pro-growth policies to combat rising unemployment, Senator Casey felt that the best use of his time would be to borrowing money to bail out his and President Obama’s union boss donors.

Senator Casey forced taxpayers to foot the bill for the mishandling of union pension funds – a tab that stands at a staggering $165 billion.  Casey’s antics make it clear that he’s more concerned with bailing out his union buddies and donors instead of fighting for job creation in Pennsylvania.

The Welch Way: Jobs and Spending

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Cap and Tax

Despite our recession and lackluster economy, a priority for President Obama and Senator Casey was to promote “Cap-and-Tax” legislation to levy additional tax and regulatory burdens on industry, harming job growth and passing the bill on energy costs on to the American taxpayers.

A bill that Senator Casey declared would create “lots and lots of jobs” cost at least 315 Pennsylvanian’s their jobs in the last month alone.  Cap and tax led to higher unemployment and higher energy costs for families and business.

The Welch Way: Jobs and Spending, Casey’s Keystone XL vote today is part of election year conversion

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