Bob Casey: Senator Zero

Pennsylvania’s Bob Casey, or “Senator Zero” has wasted enough time failing to represent Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate. Senator Casey is simply ineffective as a U.S. Senator.  Some statistics:

  • Casey has sponsored 324 total bills since 2007 – 0 have become law.
  • This year, as he fights for re-election, Casey has only ramped up his inefficiency. Compare the fact that Casey sponsored 125 bills over first four years as Senator vs. 199 bills sponsored in the past year while running for re-election

Tom Smith for U.S. Senate launched to highlight Senator Casey’s failed record.  Also check out their newest web video:

It’s clear that Senator Bob Casey, who also happens to serve as Senate Joint Economic Committee Chair, seems to think it is perfectly acceptable that while Pennsylvanians struggle under President Obama’s lackluster economy,  he can limit his activity to sponsoring legislation and issuing press releases.