Tom Wolf’s Disastrous First Year: Highest Tax Hikes In The Nation

HARRISBURG — In anticipation of Tom Wolf’s first anniversary as Governor, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania is taking a look back on some of the major issues that occurred during his first year in office.

Today, we highlight Governor Tom Wolf’s tax hikes included in March’s budget proposal. According to a study released by the National Association of State Budget Officers, Wolf’s proposed tax hikes were greater than the tax hikes proposed in the other 49 states — combined.

“Tom Wolf set the tone for his budget negotiations in March when he proposed raising taxes on Pennsylvania families by a higher amount than the rest of the country combined. In the following months, Tom Wolf made it clear that raising taxes was his top priority in office. No wonder Tom Wolf was named ‘The Most Liberal Governor in America’ after only a few months into office.” — PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney

Tom Wolf’s Tax Hikes: Higher Than The Rest Of The Country COMBINED

During his March budget address, Tom Wolf proposed a number of major tax hikes. (“Read the full text of Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget address,”, 3/3/2015)

According to the National Association of State Budget Officers, Governor Tom Wolf’s proposal increases taxes on Pennsylvanians more than the other 49 states…combined. “Not only was Pennsylvania a ‘driver’ of state tax increases, Gov. Wolf’s proposed tax increase is greater than the total for the rest of the country—which is a net tax decrease.” (“Fiscal Survey of States: Spring 2015,” National Association of State Budget Officers, 8/14/2015), (Nathan Benefield, “How Does Gov. Wolf’s Tax Plan Stand Up?,” Commonwealth Foundation, 6/18/2015)

Governor Tom Wolf has been named the “Most Liberal Governor in America” by research website FindTheBest with research from OnTheIssues. (FindtheBest, OnTheIssues, “Every U.S. Governor From Most Liberal to Most Conservative,” The Huffington Post, 7/31/2015)