PA GOP Chairman Statement on Bob Casey Lancaster Town Hall

HARRISBURG — Following Bob Casey’s Lancaster town hall, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio released the following statement:
“Sadly, Bob Casey’s march to the left continues. As a Senator whose state is facing skyrocketing premium costs, it’s disappointing that Bob Casey continues to play  political games instead of working across the aisle to find solutions to fix our broken healthcare system. 
“Also, it’s concerning that Bob Casey continues to stand with Larry Kranser, George Soros’s handpicked anti-law enforcement candidate for Philadelphia District Attorney, who has sued law enforcement seventy-five times. Pennsylvanians deserve better than a Senator who sells out his constituents in favor of Democrat party bosses, the abortion industry, and mega-donors like George Soros. Voters will hold him accountable at the ballot box in 2018” 
Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania 
  • Ken Layng

    Why are Republicans now talking *at all* about healthcare provided at the federal level? That seems not only like a loss of ideological ground, but the transformation (reversal) of a major element of the party platform. I’m hoping for primary candidates who understand this and are willing to campaign, once again, on limited government. Why are we talking about a 100% solution for a 5% problem? There is clearly little consideration being given to the principles of liberty. The battle for Conservatism definitely turned into a matter for the primaries, the last election showed us that the best-funded candidate does not necessarily win. I’m beginning to wonder if the support of the party isn’t the new anti-endorsement! Change the narrative: Repeal only… replace with state or free-market solutions only. No federal involvement whatsoever! Get it together GOP – we’re paying attention out here!