STATEMENT: Tom Wolf’s Midnight Maps Show Democrat Party Collusion with Supreme Court Causing a Constitutional Crisis


HARRISBURG — Governor Wolf perpetuated the same political gerrymandering that he is accusing his political opponents of by waiting until midnight on the day of the deadline to release his partisan proposal for new congressional boundaries. In response Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman, Val DiGiorgio released the following statement:

“Governor Wolf’s midnight map is a ridiculously hypocritical and a partisan move to help Nancy Pelosi, the DNC and Pennsylvania Democrats steal Pennsylvania congressional seats.

“Ironically, the State Democratic proposed maps have more political subdivision splits than the proposal presented by the Republican legislative leaders. This fact alone exposes the purely political motivations guiding Pennsylvania Democrat officials.

“The court’s partisan handling of the redistricting case is clearly a Democrat party scheme to win congressional seats across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania because they are attempting to win judicially that which it cannot win at the ballot box.

“Governor Wolf’s collusion with Democrats on the state Supreme Court is setting up a constitutional crisis and it should concern every resident of Pennsylvania. The state Republican Party will continue to fight this blatant government overreach that tramples on the fundamental tenant of our government—the separation of powers among the three branches of government.”

— Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania


  • Teslanedison

    Where the hell is the motion from republicans on this, no Facebook group no Twitter, common GOP this is felony electioneering and conspiracy and they are being allowed to do it. Persons from outside this state are interfering in its representation!

  • b8a

    Get on Twitterer and join the fight! We need to help our GOP and spread the news. #MAGA