PA GOP STATEMENT: Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman comments on forthcoming resignation of Congressman Charlie Dent

Harrisburg, Pa. — Congressman Charlie Dent announced Tuesday that he will be resigning in the coming weeks.

In response, Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio made the following statement:

“In his nearly 26 years of public service, Charlie Dent has been a strong public servant and a critical voice for the Lehigh Valley and Central Pennsylvania. We wish him well in his retirement and thank him for his service.

“As we wait for Gov. Wolf to announce the details of any special election, we will work vigorously to ensure the resources and effort are available to keep this seat red.”


  • yerkiddenright

    So, what till Terrible Tom Wolf mandate? Or will the PASC decide again? Will the special election be for the old or new district? If the latter, who will represent portions of Berks, Lebanon and Dauphin Counties in the interim? Will the guv let the district go unserved until January to save the costs of a special election? Might as well, since, thanks to Dent’s liberal voting record, the west end of his district has been pretty much unrepresented since 2013.