PA GOP statement on Democratic Socialists holding “rust belt” conference in Pittsburgh this weekend

The Democratic Socialists of America are planning to hold their first ever “rust belt” caucus conference in Pittsburgh this weekend.

With a call to “radicalize the rust belt,” DSA groups across the country support:

  • A single-payer healthcare system that could cost $32 trillion if implemented nationally and would cost well over $12 billion if Pennsylvania-specific legislation were enacted.
  • “Free” higher education for all, which would come at a cost of $8 billion in Pennsylvania.
  • Open borders and the elimination of ICE.

It has been four weeks since the Republican Party of Pennsylvania asked Pennsylvania Democrat Congressional candidates where they stand on the DSA agenda and, thus far, there has been no response.

Similarly, Democrat Lt. Governor nominee John Fetterman—who is campaigning today with DNC Chairman Tom Perez—has sought the endorsement of socialists, campaigned openly with avowed DSA supporter Bernie Sanders, and supports DSA concepts like single-payer healthcare and “free” higher education for all.

Gov. Tom Wolf has not signaled whether or not he supports his running mate’s DSA beliefs and their associated tax increase.

Currently, four Democratic statehouse nominees have openly stated their DSA affiliation.

In response to the DSA “rust belt” caucus conference coming to Pittsburgh, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“Democratic socialists support a radical agenda that seeks to take away individual freedom in the name of principles that would cause a self-claimed ‘ ‘massive redistribution of income’.’

“It is unbelievable that less than 30 years following the end of the Cold War—a period in our nation’s history where we were united in opposing socialist forms of government—that some in our nation have forgotten the sacrifices made to ensure our freedom from these very same ideals professed by the Democratic Socialists of America.

“Socialist values and concepts, which would do no less than deprive individuals the freedom of prosperity and implement a system of massive government control of earnings, have no place in  an American society that values the ability of the individual, liberty, and entrepreneurial spirit.”


  • nillionaire

    money for health, not for wars

  • Eduardo Leão

    You’re scared buddy

  • Andrew

    Well trigger me timbers. Somebody is scared.

  • GoingToAlpha

    First, Rust Belt is both a proper noun, and completely non-hypothetical.
    Second, I’d like to see BIPARTISAN/NONPARTISAN citations for those bullshit numbers.
    Third, LOL.

  • McP

    Dang, DSA sounds awesome! How do I join?

  • Kevin_Robinson

    “implement a system of massive government control of earnings”

    yeah uh well you see that part of your income that gets siphoned off to Raytheon every month for the purpose of bombing Yemeni hospitals doesn’t count

  • Robert James Shaw

    Healthcare for everyone? Higher education for everyone? Moving money and resources from wealthy elites to the working class? Very scary stuff!

  • A Frightful Hobgoblin 🏴

    Thanks for the free advertising! <3

  • BangBangHutch

    the ruling class will pay for their crimes

  • gay-muir [Ldog]

    who doesn’t need Healthcare? sounds like a good plan to me

  • Regular Takes

    val digiorno please stop uyour cowardly efforts to defame this delicious treat (socialism)

  • Sheldon

    If you are rich you should worry.

  • Rick Derris

    Is this an endorsement of socialism?

    Because healthcare, college, and smaller government (abolishing ICE) sound like really good things.

  • Charles Wood

    These sound like great ideas… I like the healthcare part. If this is the new GOP platform, then I’m on board.

  • outspokenartist

    White rich people have a reason to run scared. The tide is going out on your greed.

  • Chauncy Gardner

    “take away individual freedom” Definition Of Capitalism

  • Enlightened Chairman

    So when gulags get built, do you want the one in Mojave, or the one in Alaskan Tundra?

  • zenpear

    Oh are they building more private prisons there?

  • Enlightened Chairman

    No, they’ll be run by the state.

  • Colin Gray

    Socialism is gonna win. Capitalism sucks ass

  • William West

    Funny the GOP should make that statement considering three quarters of a century ago this country went to war against the fascism that Trumpanzees find so appealing. Weird.

  • Emily H.

    Wow, DSA sounds great…maybe I should join!