PA GOP statement on lawsuit to remove Lindsey Williams from General Election ballot

Monday, a lawsuit was filed to declare SD-38 Democrat nominee Lindsey Williams ineligible to hold the seat she aspires to due to failing to meet the constitutionally-required residency requirements.

Williams falls several weeks short of meeting the four-year Pennsylvania residency requirement in order to run for a seat and serve in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“The Republican Party of Pennsylvania stands by our legal analysis that shows Lindsey Williams fails the constitutionally-required residency requirements and is ineligible to hold a seat in the Pennsylvania General Assembly at this time.

“Lindsey Williams running while ineligible to serve as a state legislator is, at best, demonstrating her ignorance of the PA Constitution and Pennsylvania law at worst, it is lying to the voters of Pennsylvania about her eligibility to run office.

“Lindsey Williams is unfit to take the oath to defend the state constitution when she has already violated its provisions.”


  • Dorothy Petrancosta

    If she is ineligible, she is ineligible, and that needs to be dealt with appropriately. We have rules for a reason, and that reason is not for them to be disregarded. This is not like a civil disobedience reason.

    Having just come back to the Commonwealth in late 2014 from being a Maryland resident one would have thought that she would have really dotted the I-s and crossed the T-s on this one. So very sad for all, and I do mean all.