PA GOP requests criminal investigation into Rep. Sims’ despicable conduct

Tuesday, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio sent a letter to U.S. Attorney William McSwain, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner seeking a criminal investigation into the recent conduct by State Rep. Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia).

Over the last several weeks, Rep. Sims has now posted two videos showing him harassing and intimidating those peacefully exercising their First Amendment Rights outside of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood Clinic.

As outlined in the letter, the conduct displayed potentially violates a number of state and federal criminal statutes.

Monday, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania called on Rep. Sims to apologize for his conduct, but as of Tuesday morning—and following a number of media outlets requesting to speak to Rep. Sims about his conduct—no apology was received.

In addition, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“Rep. Brian Sim’s conduct shown in his video where harasses a peaceful protester was outrageous. We have now seen how far Rep. Sims will go as there is a second video where he solicits the identifying information of teenagers exercising their First Amendment rights as a means to further intimidate and/or harass them. 

“Elected officials should not use their positions of power to harass citizens who are peacefully protesting. I hope our state and federal prosecutors will undertake review of this matter with the seriousness it deservers and uphold the role for which they were elected to, which demands holding people accountable for their actions.

“In the meantime, I urge leadership the Pennsylvania Democratic Party to hold Rep. Sims accountable for his actions.”


18 thoughts on “PA GOP requests criminal investigation into Rep. Sims’ despicable conduct

  1. I have to wake up being harassed by D.T. everyday.. He goes against our constitution.. But where are you on that Mr. REPUBLICAN who is overseeing Chester County Discrimination all the time. Why is Bunny standing next to D.T, on the news everyday? Where is the Audit on the K-9 Unit.. ???? Seems a bit biased.

  2. So the President comes to wherever you are standing in a public space and harrasses you?

  3. As an American Citizen whose Ancestors came her in 1640 I am very concerned about My Country! I do stay informed.. Everyday is another LIE and another assault on our Constitution.. Go rest in Russia with your support to him!

  4. Prove it! Give us an honest example, not some lying crap from CNN. You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. There was and is no collusion with Russia. Now good ol’ Obama and Hillary is another story. Get ready for 4 more years in 2020.

    Finally, your complaints about Trump are completely irrelevant to what this depraved, homosexual bully has done. He definitely is ethically challenged, and very likely has broken laws with using his government position to collect money for a private business.

  5. This is what happens when you watch too much MSLSD.

    I am also an American Citizen. The only “assaults” I see on our Constitution is from those who want to infringe on both my 1st and 2nd amendment rights.

    I do not see anyone on the right trying to take rights away from anyone. I cannot say the same from the left with examples such as Representative Sims.

  6. This morning Trump responded to the NYT report. He had two choices of explanation. 1. He lost a billion dollars doing business. 2. He didn’t lose that money, he rigged it all so he wouldn’t have to pay taxes. He chose the second. I believe that means that he would rather be known as a billionaire who didn’t pay taxes than a bad business man. When he ran for president, his message was that he was going to fix the system for the little guy. Instead he gave the billionaire’s like him an even bigger break so they could take advantage of the system more easily and pay even less taxes.

  7. Is it okay for old men to be hanging out in front of a “Women’s Clinic” harassing them everyday. Woman go into these places for pregnancy test and health care. Why do woman have to be subjected to gross old men hanging out harassing them.. Back at you!

  8. He rigged nothing. This is long time known news. He used the IRS Tax laws to his advantage. All of perfectly legal. The problem is there’s so many small minded people who don’t have a clue how big business and especially real estate work. It’s a contestant battle between the Democrat corrupted IRS trying to steel your money and you knowing the LAW and stopping them.

    This was not a lie, just uneducated people being duped.

  9. In other words you have no proof. Just a head full of propaganda, media lies and heart full of hate.

  10. Yep! The Dems are constantly crying about “Constitutional Crisis” when they’re the ones constantly causing the crisis.

  11. I see you or (disqus) has deleted your reply. I have know idea what the point of your comment “getting my news from my iPhone”. Anyway, it’s hilarious watching the Marxist Commie Media stumble with feeble attempts at talking about Capitalism.

    Another fake news trick is trying to compare tax law today with tax law then. Congress including democrats wrote laws to help boost real estate and the economy that was tanking back then. Since then they have rescinded certain laws, but made new ones to help in other areas. As an aside it’s proof that they all know the less tax burden the better the economy will be.

    I get my news from many areas. Mainly, I’ve lived long enough to remember the time and the truth. Also, I have the ability to know when someone’s character is absolutely corrupted and when a person Is smart enough to take advantage of opportunities legally. They hate Trump because he cannot be bought and he knows their dirty little secrets and is going to expose them. It just takes patience. One day at a time.

  12. I called Rep. Martina White’s office (she is one of the very good state representative’s) and recommended crafting legislation to criminalize the doxing of an minor who did not commit a crime. I believe this is reckless endangerment of a child and that Brian Simms intended to put those teenage girls in danger for praying outside of an abortion mill.

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