PA GOP Statement on Sen. Elizabeth Warren campaigning in Pennsylvania

2020 Democrat Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren is scheduled to make a campaign stop in Philadelphia Monday afternoon, holding a town hall with members of the American Federation of Teachers.

In response to the announcement, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“With her support for the $93 trillion Green New Deal, the $32 trillion government takeover of healthcare, and a recent proposal to wipe out student loan debt, it is clear that Sen. Elizabeth Warren is not only out of touch, but so out of reason that one has to wonder if she’s ever taken a course in economics.

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s support for these outrageous concepts begs the question of whether or not she supports the recent despicable actions by Rep. Brian Sims when he harassed, intimidated, and bullied those peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights in front of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood Clinic.

“Together, Sen. Warren and Rep. Sims are prime examples of a Democrat Party that has lost touch with average Pennsylvanians and gone completely off the rails.”


  • TT

    Sounds to me as if Warren is a lot more “in-touch” than Val! There isn’t any single developed country in the world without some form of universal healthcare, educational assistance for young people and energy policies that attempt to help the planet.

    Perhaps Warren isn’t the best candidate – but we are going to need someone smart again after Donnie-boy and the GOP tank the economy again. You know, like they had to do in 2008.

  • Karen

    Sounds like to me, that who ever votes for Elizabeth Warren is a fool, nothing is free. It is just plain words to draw people into voting. USA can not afford to give everyone what she is offering,or any of the Democrats are offering as free. You will pay more then you are now right out of your checks, At any time they desire they can take it away, Then where will you be? Control by a Government is not wise.