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“The Republican National Committee’s field program has made our volunteer network in Pennsylvania stronger than ever. The RNC’s ‘national month of action’ has provided Pennsylvania Republicans with the opportunity to use presidential year campaign strategies to help elect Supreme Court candidates Judges Judy Olson, Mike George and Anne Covey, Superior Court candidate Judge Emil Giordano, ... Read More
In just a few short weeks, Pennsylvanians have a chance to make history. On November 3rd, we have the opportunity to head to the polls and determine the very makeup of our state Supreme Court, the highest court in our Commonwealth. With three vacancies on the Court, this election could not come at a more ... Read More
These past few months have brimmed with tragedy. Americans are struggling to make sense of horrific acts of mass violence like the August shooting on live television in Roanoke, Va., and last week’s college campus shooting in Roseburg, Ore. We all know how this plays out in Congress: a moment of silence on the House ... Read More
HARRISBURG – Following the defeat of Governor Tom Wolf’s latest proposal to raise taxes on Pennsylvania families, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement. “Once again, the State House has rejected a series of tax hikes from Tom Wolf,” Gleason said. “For months, Governor Tom Wolf has supported the largest tax ... Read More
HARRISBURG, (October 6, 2015) – The National Federation of Independent Business, the nation’s leading small-business association, today announced its endorsements in the upcoming election to fill three vacancies on the state Supreme Court. “Small businesses are the driving force behind Pennsylvania’s economy — producing high-quality products, services, and jobs,” said Kevin Shivers, executive state director ... Read More
By: Andrew Patterson Today I’d like to share with you information about another one of our great statewide judicial candidates — Judge Emil Giordano, candidate for Superior Court. Judge Giordano’s parents came to the United States in the 1950s to seek the American dream. Emil’s parents met in night school learning English. His mother worked ... Read More
“Tom Wolf keeps breaking his campaign promises at the expense of Pennsylvania families.  On the campaign trail, Tom Wolf to promised not to raise or expand the state sales tax, only to spend his first nine months in office calling for a 10% hike and new taxes on diapers, day care, and even nursing homes. ... Read More
By Andrew Patterson As the PA GOP’s Judicial Director, I’ve had the opportunity to travel across Pennsylvania with our five statewide judicial candidates, and with five weeks to go before Election Day, I thought I’d share why I believe they’d make terrific jurists on our statewide courts. I’d like to begin with Paul Lalley, our ... Read More
HARRISBURG – Once again, Governor Tom Wolf has vetoed a Republican short-term budget plan which sought to provide emergency state funding to schools and social services throughout the Commonwealth, continuing the budget crisis he created. The move comes nearly three months after Governor Tom Wolf decided to completely veto a budget that funded increased schools ... Read More
MANHEIM, Pa. — Today, the Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) of Pennsylvania announced their endorsement of Judge Anne Covey and Judge Judy Olson for Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Because of their strong experience in construction, labor, and employment issues and their commitment to judicial excellence, Judge Covey and Judge Olson earned the support of the free ... Read More