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When it comes to lying about campaign contributions, it looks like Hillary Clinton is taking a page out of the Katie McGinty playbook. Over the past week, both Katie McGinty and Hillary Clinton lied on camera about accepting campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry. While Hillary made her dubious claim yesterday afternoon, McGinty ... Read More
“Help me, Dad …” Those were Kate Steinle’s final words as she died in her father’s arms last July, bleeding to death from a gunshot wound. Kate and her father were walking arm-in-arm on a San Francisco pier when suddenly a gunman opened fire, killing Kate. What is truly maddening is that the shooter should ... Read More
North Wales, Pa. — A new microsite launched today by StateImpact Pennsylvania, a collaboration between local NPR affiliates, highlights Katie McGinty’s vast experience with the revolving door. The new project, titled “Energy, Environment & PA’s Blurred Lines,” helps illustrate just how many times McGinty has overseen the energy industry as a government official, then gone ... Read More
Kenney Defying Federal Policy By Designating Philadelphia as a “Sanctuary City” HARRISBURG — Once again, Senate candidate Katie McGinty is refusing to take a position on an important issue facing Pennsylvanians, even though her own campaign chairman has already weighed in. Days after Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced his decision to reinstate Philadelphia’s status as ... Read More
On Dec. 16, Secretary of State John Kerry certified to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Iran is in full compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and that the “suspension of sanctions related to Iran pursuant to the agreement is appropriate … and is vital to the national security interests of the ... Read More
Learn about “Corporate” Katie and Joe “SaysTax” at Allentown, Pa. — The campaign of U.S. Senator Pat Toomey released a new website today inviting Pennsylvania voters to draw their own conclusion about one important question: When it comes down to “Corporate” Katie McGinty and Joe “SaysTax,” who is worse? At “” voters can learn ... Read More
“Katie McGinty’s track record of using government positions to enrich her own personal interests continues to grow. Whether it’s directing taxpayer money to firms that employed her husband or using her government position to help future employers, Katie McGinty’s troubling past should be a cause of deep concern for Pennsylvania voters. Our government should not ... Read More
“While Senator Pat Toomey keeps fighting for justice for crime victims, Joe Sestak and Katie McGinty remain silent while victim advocacy programs are cut from the federal budget. Both Joe Sestak and Katie McGinty were both vocal supporters of this budget plan, but they’ve failed to explain why they chose to support taking money from ... Read More
For the past month, the political world was enthralled by a House speaker’s race that put the rift between the GOP’s establishment and its conservative grassroots on full display. Now, as they fight to pick off one of the more vulnerable Republican Senators of the 2016 cycle, Pennsylvania Democrats are getting their own taste of ... Read More
As Hillary Clinton Claims the VA Hospital Crisis Wasn’t as “Widespread as It’s Made Out to Be,” Where Does McGinty Stand? HARRISBURG — Following Hillary Clinton’s recent claim that the VA hospital crisis has “not been as widespread as it has been made out to be,” the Republican Party of Pennsylvania is asking Democrat U.S. ... Read More