Our tax code is outdated and broken. It no longer works for taxpayers and it needs to be fixed.

You elected House Republicans to cut useless regulations, lower taxes, and give you more control over your hard-earned money. Here’s what we propose:

  1. Lower tax rates for everyone (everyone!). You deserve to keep more of what you earn.
  2. Simplify everything. For most people, filling out your taxes shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes and a form the size of a post card.
  3. Close the loopholes that corporations use to get out of paying our current high tax rates.
  4. Modernize, modernize, modernize. Our country has changed a lot since 1986, our tax laws need to keep up.
  5. End the corruption at the IRS. We need to clean house and create a system that works for, not against, taxpayers.