PA GOP STATEMENT: Paul Mango must take down recent attack ad

Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio has made the following statement regarding the most recent attack ad by Paul Mango:

“Having spent time with Paul Mango, I am surprised and disappointed he would go to these depths to assail a fellow Republican. Personal attacks like this hurt our democratic process and will only serve to undermine the chances of achieving what must be our shared goal –  defeating Tom Wolf, America’s most liberal Governor.

“The fact is, Paul Mango’s claims against Scott Wagner have already been heard and rejected by the elected state committee members, who at our meeting in February, overwhelmingly endorsed Scott Wagner to be our candidate for Governor.

“For the good of our party and our commonwealth, it is time we rise above personal attacks and focus on substantive solutions to the problems facing Pennsylvanians. As such, I call on Paul Mango to take down this misleading attack ad.” 



47 thoughts on “PA GOP STATEMENT: Paul Mango must take down recent attack ad

  1. Take down all of the attack ads. Tell us what you plan to do. Tell us your actual experience.
    This goes for all the candidates.

  2. How about you take back your endorsement and let the people decide. That sounds like a grand idea.

  3. I have and decided to go with a party with an outside chance of victory. My good friend was a delegate to the Libertarian party convention from Delaware,

  4. But the attack ads on Mango were okay? As a young female conservative, you guys are really losing me here. Shouldn’t have made an endorsement in the first place. Really showing your bias.

  5. Val DiGiorgio should check himself. You are surprised and disappointed in Paul Mango? Are you kidding me Val? Did you just fall off the turnip truck? Unlike your endorsed candidate Paul Mango’s assertions in his ads are factual and has referenced reputable sources. Scott Wagner’s lies in his ads are well, lies without any reference, other than a sound bite from The Economist presented out of context. The GOP pre-primary endorsement handed a blank check to an emotion-driven and anger-centered candidate in Scott Wagner who introduced ads out of fear related to his fast shrinking establishment-sponsored lead that were steeped in lies and sound bites framed out of context so as to create a fictional view of Paul Mango’s positions on important issues. Scott Wagner and his campaign began to realize that the outcome of the debates that did not reflect well on the state Senator and they went low. If the PA Republican Party wanted to establish a fair playing field it should had kept it’s hand-runged endorsement outside the court of public opinion. Leadership is anchored in understanding what happens if this or that (responses) based on actions. Hopefully you learned something from this Val. Oh, and stop sending me emails about supporting angry Scott Wagner. You are about to push me back to Independent status.

  6. Really? Val DiGiorgio your endorsed candidate has been touting misleading attack ads for a long time and your call is to Paul Mango to cease. Maybe what you outta be doing as leader is promoting an even playing field for all candidates who run so we the voters can choose without establishment bias

  7. More attacks please….as a lifelong democrat I find these ads not only entertaining but filled with useful argument points while discussing politics with my enlightened republican friends, for instance, I HAD NO IDEA SCOTT WAGNER WAS DEADBEAT DAD TO THE TUNE OF $800,000.00 AND THAT PAUL MANGO RECEIVED A $2,000,000.00 CONTRACT FROM WOLF!

  8. Marxism would be what he democrats try to pull- communism. It is authoritarian

    Libertarianism is the idea that the people can run their lives better with minimal government intervention.

    Much more like the original principals of the founding fathers and what the republicans used to be

  9. The lesser of two evils is still evil 😉

    One should always vote principal over party.

  10. (Harrisburg, PA) April 2, 2016 – During the 2016 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, 382 attendees participated in the 2016 Pennsylvania Straw Poll. The straw poll was broken out in 3 categories including demographics of voters, statewide issues, and federal issues including the Presidential Preference Poll. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won the Presidential Poll with 64.6% of the vote at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, whereas Donald Trump came in second with 13.6% and John Kasich finished third with 13.3%. So much for PLC straw polls. #VetsForMango

  11. How about you have good ol boy Wagner do what most candidates and usual elections have held in the past… debates! I call that Wagner MUST debate the other candidates! Let Wagner refute the ads. Everyone but Wagner is speaking out on the validity of Mangos recent campaign. Can we have Wager man up? #DebateHim #Man Up #WheresWagner

  12. Val, the committee’s don’t speak for the voter’s as this is a constitutional republic. You and the so called establishment has endorsed Wagner as per political ethics, you violated public trust. I agree, in the fact, that attacks of any kind regarding family matters is beyond the pale; however, all the rest is within the bounds of political discourse. In short, the involvement and the behind the scenes antics of the establishment is what created this notrocity. Perhaps, if you would exhibit ethical leadership a lot of this could be avoided. In short, take responsibility for your actions and stop pretending to walk on water, as you will sink, I can assure you of that!

  13. Yes, please vote Paul Mango for governor. I know this man I’ve experienced this person he is the real deal. When Senator Wagner came out with his attack ad starting March 9th mr. Mango spoke to his campaign requested to his campaign and went on Facebook Live Events petitioning that the Wagner campaign stop their negative ads or they will do what they have to do. Legs are stopped going to debates because he could not defend himself against his liberal bathroom fairness Bill policies because he knows they are exactly what mr. Mango says they are Pennsylvania Family Institute nose and says exactly what they are they are bills that will hurt men and women in bathrooms locker rooms and shower rooms and they are bills that will harm the religious Liberties in this state. I ordered you please mr. Mango gave Wagner one month to take down the ad to detract from the lies and he didn’t and he warned him saying if you don’t I will have to do what I have to do until I support call Mango for slapping down ignorant rude lying Scott Wagner. I respect much of what Scott Wagner has done for the state of Pennsylvania and yet I do not respect many other things he has done or not done for the state of Pennsylvania he thinks the Pennsylvania state abortion Act is doing a fair job and a good job controlling abortions in the state of Pennsylvania this act still allows women to kill their unborn babies in their bellies up to 6 months and he said that this act is doing a good job I’m sorry but it’s not killing unborn babies in the womb is just awful that is my take I’m sorry I just had to share and I truly supporting them with much more Integrity with much more pedigree and with a true plan if you look on his Facebook page is first post is a plan to restore America bring back our children and our jobs restore the rule of law over Sanctuary cities restore morality keep women and children safe and bathroom showers and locker rooms while still respecting those who are thinking in an alternative way about who they are and how they’re made let’s put it that way. Believes that’s Tim back centuries and centuries and centuries they are not bigots they believe in the beauty of the words of the Bible and the words of God that’s all they love all people they’re just not willing to go against God’s word because they serve God before they serve man plane and simple

  14. Agreed the state party should never have endorsed this would have avoided so many problems if they just would have let the people of Pennsylvania choose their primary candidate

  15. I assure you that the Wagner campaign cannot document any of their claims and if they have documentation it is far reached like that one article about him claiming to support Obamacare is just ridiculous. And yes the mango campaign researched all of their information Scott Wagner indeed has all of those allegations against him do your research yourself and find it all out it’s there call Mango has no dirt it’s fabricated where is Scott Wagner has so much baggage so many of us are so discouraged that the Pennsylvania GOP selected him as their endorsed candidate

  16. But this post isn’t about a response from Wagner. Sure Wagner should respond, but he’s talking the same trash in his ads. That’s what’s hypocritical about this.

  17. The problem here is neither candidate is a good choice. Mango works on slinging mud and lying because he doesn’t have the qualifications to be governor and Wagner is a bully. Wolf is no prize yet he will be re-elected because the Republicans don’t have a decent candidate. What a sorry state of affairs

  18. Paul mango is a coward, he can’t face criticism, and blocks those, on social media, who call him out on bad policies.

  19. Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan were/are not Libertarians. Perot was reform party. You should remember, Donald Trump was a member of the party at the time.

  20. The ads on both sides, and the ridiculous pre-enorsement of a moderate Republican machine/establishment candidate in Scott Wagner, is why I left the party for the Libertarians in 2012. The GOP is void of any principle and has no interest in any meaningful rollback of state and federal intrusion into our personal liberties and rights. They are all smoke and no fire.

  21. The point was and is that a third party can elect someone that is more objectionable to me or you, than a two party election:by siphoning voters away from the center.

  22. you are obviously confused..Wagner HAS been educating people on the truth but some are afraid of the truth .

  23. you are so full of crap. I researched mangos lies and they are just that. I also researched Mangos support of obamacare and he did. get your head out of mangos butt

  24. This has nothing to do with Wagner. It has to do with the PA GOP prematurely endorsing a candidate and showing there bias when it comes to attack ads. And quite honestly sir, politicians and truth don’t belong in the same sentence.

  25. Scott Wagner has refused to revoke his co-sponsorship of Senate Bill 974 which would amend the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to cover “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression”. Moreover, Senator Wagner seeks to obfuscate the effect of the proposed amendment. He denies that it would give persons the right to use the bathrooms of the opposite sex. However, the express terms of the amendment bar discrimination according to sexual identity in public accommodation facilities. That language, in plain English, includes public bathrooms, no matter how much Senator Wagner seeks to confuse the voters.

    Furthermore, as explained in an ebook published by the Pennsylvania Family Council, similar laws in other states “have been used to limit freedoms of speech, conscience, and religion.” Furthermore, the ebook cites as examples the case of Jack Phillips in Colorado and the case of Baronelle Stutzman in Washington State. Mr. Phillips was prosecuted for failing to make a cake to celebrate a same-sex “wedding”. Ms. Stutzman was prosecuted for failing to create flower arrangements to celebrate a same-sex “wedding”. The proposed amendment, by prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination in the provision of the advantages and privileges of public accommodation, would facilitate such prosecutions in Pennsylvania.

    In addition, the proposed amendment expressly gives employees the right to wear the clothing of the opposite sex while on the job.

    Also, the proposed amendment calls for the creation of councils and agencies to issue publications to “promote good will and minimize or eliminate discrimination because of … sexual orientation, gender identity or expression” and calls for the Commission in cooperation with the Department of Education to recommend a multicultural educational program to promote appreciation of sexual orientation and sexual identity or expression. In other words, the proposed amendment would empower the government to harangue persons who have moral objections to homosexuality and transgenderism and/or transvestism; and no doubt portray persons voicing moral objections to homosexuality, transgenderism, and transvestism as hateful bigots. I see that as state-sanctioned anti-Christian discrimination. Does state-sanctioned normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism mean that Christians will be viewed by the state as enemies of the state?

  26. What disrespect for the registered Republican voters. It is not enough for the state party to endorse Scott Wagner 3 months before the primary. Now the party tells Paul Mango to shut up. The party is beginning to look more and more like La Cosa Nostra. Unless you are a made member of the organization, and kiss the ring of the Don you have no vote.

  27. Scott Wagner was anointed and given the orb and scepter by the State Republican Party two months ago. How dare the rebellious Republican peasants refuse to bow the knee.

  28. How about mango stop playing liberal politics and accept help from the NRA.
    Mango decides to follow along with the leftists after the Florida school shooting and distances himself from the NRA, that ain’t the likes of 82nd Airborne that’s a wimp.

  29. You don’t get to decide if a persons vote is wasted. The only way a Vite can be wasted is one that isn’t not made.

    A person should vote where their values lie.

    ALso if you consider these votes wasted because “they don’t win”, I have news for you! There are elected libertarians across thenaion. We have about 4 in montgomery county, myself included.

  30. There will not be a Libertarian Governor elected in PA in 2018. You can take that to the bank.

  31. Maybe, maybe not.

    But we’re damn sure going to keep trying.

    There are plenty of down ticket folks, and local officers where we are gaining representation.

    Why should someone vote for the lesser of two evils when it is still evil? I refuse to vote for individuals who don’t represent my point of view.

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