PA GOP Chairman’s Update – February 10, 2019

Dear supporters, friends, and those interested in the Republican Party of Pennsylvania:

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania had an incredibly busy week getting out our message, growing our Party, and engaging with key connections to further our priorities.

Tuesday, for what I thought was possibly the best speech of his Presidency, I was so happy to see so many grassroots Republican organizations across Pennsylvania holding watch parties for President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address.

As I told the media this week:  I could not be more proud to support the President’s agenda. Whether it’s his concern for keeping Americans safe, advocating for innocent life, or his strenuous defense of liberty and American interests, President Trump demonstrated why he should be re-elected. 

Immediately following the address, I was out in the Pittsburgh area where I talked to several media outlets about the great work the President is doing, the message of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, and how Republicans will be working as a coordinated force over the next two years to keep Pennsylvania red and re-elect President Trump.

We were also honored to be joined by Pennsylvania Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati at a Commonwealth Club luncheon on Thursday in Pittsburgh.

It’s always great to hear Sen. Scarnati’s inspiring insights into the state of the Party and what Republicans in the Pennsylvania Senate are doing to advance our Party’s priorities and protect taxpayers against Tom Wolf’s penchant for overspending and wanton disregard for policies that spur private sector growth.

For instance, in the budget he unveiled this week, Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed spending growth that outpaces natural revenue growth, seeks to hold hostage our natural gas industry with an ill-advised tax and borrow plan, and continued calling for an unfunded mandate on our counties to buy new voting machines without making the case for their necessity.

Our Republican majorities in the Pennsylvania General Assembly must continue to work to right-size government, protect the integrity of local government services by reducing unfunded mandates, and work to maintain the nationwide economic boom in Pennsylvania.

This week we also called on federal and state authorities to further investigate Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty, who—as was reported in the media this week—received the same union-paid benefits his brother, John Dougherty, was indicted for last week.

The Democrats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court have an attenuated relationship with ethics, be it the most recent news about Justice Dougherty, or the revelations last year that Justice David Wecht campaigned on drawing new legislative lines in violation of judicial campaign ethics, it is incumbent upon Republicans to make sure our courts are filled with the best judges possible.

That’s why last week we selected two incredible candidates for open spots on the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Both Judge Christylee Peck and prosecutor Megan King are lawyers of the highest ethical order, recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and have records of standing up for Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable.

I’m looking forward to doing everything we can to see they are elected this year as Republicans begin to take back Pennsylvania’s courts.

Until my next update, feel free to keep up with the latest by checking out the PA GOP website at

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Val DiGiorgio


Republican Party of Pennsylvania

One thought on “PA GOP Chairman’s Update – February 10, 2019

  1. I wrote you earlier this week and iwant you to know that this is no Joke.
    I moved here to settle and grow my family in what I thought was a good environment.
    What I found was a state of corruption with no ACCOUNTABILITY.
    I take my truck to a local garage and they total it. I take them to court and win. Judge takes bribe and changes rulings.
    That leads to forced probation because of the 30000+ I just was screwed out of.
    Then 2 weeks before that ends I am arrested and charged with DUI. Immediately reported as false to 3 officials who did nothing.
    I am then imprisioned for a crime I pled not guilty too. I learned that I have no rights.
    I was brought before a Judge who had predetermined judgement thanks to a conspiring PB and a lying officer and the judge who just learned of her own health issue. I pled not guilty and begged for her to understand.11/10/99 released
    3/10/2000 at trial I exposed the truth and proved beyond any doubt the officer committed Perjury, fabricated affidavits, and conspiracy.
    Chief from same Dept was then caught bribing we with a speeding ticket. Judge had him by the throut. Again not guilty.
    11/2000 Arrested and charged with theft and fraud without every being questioned and without any valid complaint by a DA that was on a mission. I was publicly humiliated without justification. Then I was completely maliciously prosecuted for trying to recover.
    A federal judge then dismissed all my legal actions and did so against the rule of law and the constiturion.
    I will not live with a felony record for going to work everyday and attempting to recover.
    I was robbed of my rights, business, my savings, my freedom, my future, and the best years of my parenting to say the least.

    Last time I checked this was America.
    I learned what America is truely made of.

    I warned you all and I will do what I have to because you won’t.

    M. Aidala was like a father to me was was helping me until cancer took him. My father in lawl is a retired police sergeant.
    I was an alterboy

    I grown up with faith and a belief for this country that painfully does not exist.

    Done begging, if you and the law can’t be held accountable the I will hold them accountable by any means.

    They lie cheat and steal. At this point I will do whatever it takes including a life sentence.

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