After 30 years of active leadership, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio steps down; leaves party stronger and poised for future victories

After 30 years of leadership within the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, Val DiGiorgio today announced he is stepping down as State Party Chairman.

DiGiorgio, elected as Chairman in February 2017, has decades of strong leadership at all levels of the Republican Party, including as a volunteer with the Pennsylvania Young Republicans in South Philadelphia, local committeeman, County Chairman, and elected county row officer before becoming State Party Chairman.

Under DiGiorgio’s leadership as Chairman, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania has: shrunk the voter registration gap; elected three statewide judges; held the two most successful fundraisers in state party history; quadrupled the membership of the Pennsylvania Young Republicans; maintained state legislative majorities in the face of ‘blue waves’; and worked hard to recruit women and minorities for elected office.

DiGiorgio leaves the state party stronger than when he was elected as Chairman and poised for future victories in 2019 and 2020. 

A copy of the resignation letter, which may be used on the record, is included below.

According to Rule 3.6(a) of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania bylaws, Vice-Chair Bernadette “Bernie” Comfort assumes the role of Acting Chairman.

Republican Party of Pennsylvania Acting Chairman Bernie Comfort made the following statement:

“I wish Val DiGiorgio well in his next endeavor. In accordance with party bylaws, I will announce the time and place when our state committee will elect a new Chair.

“In my term as Vice-Chair, I have helped manage the PA GOP staff, raise the funds, and advance the Republican message across the Commonwealth. Now, as Acting Chair, I’ll do all that and more.

“I will focus my energies on winning the two open Superior Court seats for our highly-qualified nominees, defending our Congressional delegation, preserving our majorities in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and—most importantly—wining the Keystone State for President Trump. Our state was crucial in the 2016 Trump victory and we will be crucial to the 2020 Trump re-election victory.

“As a single mom who lives in the suburbs and spent my adult life helping to elect Republican women, no one knows better than me how the President’s economic policies are helping to improve the lives of Pennsylvanians. I will not rest until we win Pennsylvania—and re-election—for the President.”


Rule 3.6 (a) of the bylaws of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania provide that upon a vacancy in the office of Chairman, the Vice Chairman automatically becomes Acting Chairman. Within ten days of the vacancy, the Acting Chairman must call a meeting of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania to be scheduled no later than 45 days following the vacancy for the sole purpose of electing a new Chairman.

According to Rule 2.8 of the bylaws, 14 days written notice must be given to State Committee members prior to any meeting of the State Committee of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.

Biography of Acting Chairman Comfort

Bernadette Comfort

Bernadette “Bernie” Comfort was elected to serve as Vice Chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party on February 4, 2017. Bernie has nearly two decades of experience working to promote and elect Republican candidates throughout Pennsylvania. Bernie is an experienced coalition leader and has served in leadership positions on statewide campaigns in Pennsylvania over the last two decades.

For sixteen years Bernie has promoted the advancement of women in all walks of life through her work as the Executive Director of the Anne B. Anstine Excellence in Public Service Series and the Dodie Londen Series in Arizona. As the manager for these executive leadership programs Bernie has developed a network that includes leaders in business, non-profit and politics and has increased her networking, fundraising and training skills while training hundreds of public leaders. She served as a Commissioner for the PA Commission for Women, serves as a state committee member from Lehigh County and also serves as a local committeewoman for the Lehigh County Republican Committee.

Bernie’s passion is to connect people and solve problems. Bernie previously served in various management positions at Chatham University.

Having been born in Philadelphia, raised in the Lehigh Valley and lived in Western, PA for over a decade, Bernie has a great appreciation for the Commonwealth and all it has to offer. Most importantly, Bernie is busy raising a future public leader in her daughter, Luci.

Editor’s Note: Copy of Resignation Enclosed below