Officers Of The House

Speaker Mike Turzai


Floor Leader Bryan Cutler
Appropriations Committee Chair Stan Saylor
Whip Kerry Benninghoff
Caucus Chair Marcy Toepel
Caucus Secretary Mike Reese
Caucus Administrator Kurt Masser
Policy Committee Chair Donna Oberlander

Our 107 PA GOP State Representatives


Representative Barrar



Representative Benninghoof 


Representative Bernstine 


Representative Boback

Representative Borowicz


Representative Brooks 


Representative Brown


Representative Causer 


Representative Cook

Representative Culver 

Representative Cutler


Representative Day 

Representative Delozier 

Representative DiGirolamo 

Representative Diamond 

Representative Dowling 


Representative Dunbar 


Representative Dush 


Representative Ecker

 Representative Emrick 


Representative Farry

Representative Fee

Representative Fritz


Representative Gabler 


Representative Gaydos 

Representative Gillen

Representative Gillespie 


Representative Gliem 


Representative Gregory 


Representative Greiner


Representative Grove 



Representative Hahn

Representative Heffley


Representative Helm


Representative Hennessey


Representative Hershey 

Representative Hickernell


Representative Irvin


Representative James 


Representative Jones 


Representative Jozwiak


Representative Kail 


Representative Kaufer 


Representative Kauffman 


Representative Keefer 


Representative Mark Keller 

Representative Klunk

Representative Knowles


Representative Lawerence

Representative Lewis 

Representative Mackenzie 

Representative Mako 

Representative Maloney

Representative Marshall 

Representative Masser 

Representative Mehaffie

Representative Mentzer


Representative Metcalfe


Representative Metzgar

Representative Mihalek

Representative Millard 


Representative Miller 


Representative Mizgorski


Representative Moul 



Representative Murt 


Representative Mustello

Representative Nelson


Representative Nelson

Representative O’Neal


Representative Oberlander


Representative Ortitay

Representative Owlett


Representative Peifer

Repersentative Pickett


Representative Polinchock


Representative Puskaric

Representative Pyle

Representative Quinn

Representative Rader 

Representative Rapp

Representative Reese

Representative Rigby

Representative Roae

Representative Rothman

Representative Ryan

Representative Sankey

Representative Saylor 

Representative Schemel 

Representative Schmitt

Representative Schroeder

Representative Simmons 

Representative Sonney


Representative Staats

Representative Stephans

Representative Struzzi

Representative Thomas

Representative Tobash

Representative Toepel

Representative Toohil

Representative Topper 


Representative Turzai

Representative Walsh


Representative Warner

Representative Wentling 

Representative Wheeland


Representative White 


Representative Zimmerman